Top 4 Tips For Good Lawyer Web Designs

Finding the right lawyer for your lawsuit can be stressful, confusing and plain difficult. Since many potential clients start by searching on the web, it is important that your website sets your firm apart from its competition. When it comes to good lawyer Delray Beach web design, there is not a single bullet and one size will not fit all. This article sheds some light on some crucial tips that, when followed, will lay a good foundation for a web design that effectively generates leads and conversions for your business. Let’s take a look at some of the top tips.

Have a Responsive Design

In the modern-day world, more and more people are slowly embracing the use of smartphones and tablets to access the internet. In fact, for some law firm websites, almost half of all the traffic comes from mobile users. A responsive site design makes certain that your site has a tailored experience for gadgets of all screen resolutions and that you are not alienating your mobile visitors with a website that’s cumbersome to navigate on a smartphone or tablet. A responsive design implies that your site can scale to various resolutions, from mobile devices to large screens and each size reorders your website’s content optimally. Responsive web design is beneficial to a law firm because it ensures that users easily get all the information they need about a lawyer. A frustrating mobile experience will compel your visitors to go back to their search results without spending time on your site.

Lawyer Search Based On Different Criteria

In most cases, the main aim of website design for lawyers is to connect potential clients with the information they are looking for. Visitors on a lawyer’s website could be looking up specific articles or seeking information about a particular practice field, but more often than not, they are looking for a lawyer. Having a directory of your firm’s lawyers is important, but most potential clients will highly appreciate the ability to quickly search and easily get results for lawyers in your firm based on different criteria such as expertise or location. Especially for big companies with more than 30 attorneys, multiple office locations, and different practice areas, it is advisable that you implement an easy-to-use tool that allows your site visitors to find a lawyer in their preferred location and area of expertise. Your lawyer web design should incorporate tools that allow visitors to filter lawyers based on different search criteria.

A Blog For Posting Relevant Content

The ability to consistently create and distribute valuable and relevant information on a website is a necessity for lawyers and law firms at large. A great lawyer website design should incorporate a blog where lawyers can post content that gives information about the most recent updates to the law or legislations. It is equally important to remember that indexed and high-quality posts on a lawyer website contribute to better ranking of the site on the major search engines.

Consider Adding Social Media Tags On Lawyer Profiles

Although not all lawyers or law firms were pioneer adopters of social media, the use of social networks for law firms is rising. A majority of lawyers now own professional social media channels such as a LinkedIn profile where they share information and connect with potential clients. It is advisable to incorporate a website design that allows you to add social media links on every lawyer’s profile page. Having this kind of information included in your lawyer profiles helps build their brand, gives them personality and gives them direct access to potential customers.

With the tips above, you should easily design a website that speaks volumes about your lawyers and the work they do. So invest in a good web design and everything else will fall into place.

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