How Can I Help You?

All of us encounter opportunities, challenges, and aspects of life that require attention & planning; events which are often best met with the assistance of competent counsel and caring advocacy. The Law Office of Gregory Braun, P.C. is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality legal services to meet those needs. Located in the Lakes Region of western Maine and serving all areas of Maine, our office provides representation and counsel in many different areas of practice. Both flat fee and hourly rates are available depending on the task to be performed. If our staff does not offer services in the field for which you need assistance we will gladly recommend a professional or organization that does.

Importantly, we believe that everyone deserves the right to legal counsel – even if just a point in the right direction – and encourage you to contact our office for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION regardless of your economic position. Contact our office at your earliest convenience – (207) 803-2265.

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