“When your daily activities are in concert with your highest priorities, you have a credible claim to inner piece.” – Hyrum Smith

Creating, working for, or assisting a group whose sole intent is charitable acts is often the most rewarding task any of us can engage in. The Law Office of Gregory Braun, P.C. has experience with many types of not-for-profit organizations and considers it a pleasure to assist clients in the task of seeing their charitable endeavors accomplished.

The Law Office of Gregory Braun, P.C. can assist you with:

Summer Camps, Educational & Therapeutic organizations
Obtaining & maintaining 501(c)(3) designation
Creating, assisting, or donating to Land Trusts
Charitable Gift Giving
If you or someone you know is considering creating, working with, donating to, or assisting a not-for-profit please contact our office for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION at (207) 803-2265.